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Company Name:
Louisiana Department of State Civil Service
Agency: DHH-Office of Public Health
Opening Date: Mon. 04/07/14
Closing Date/Time: Sat. 04/12/14 11:59 PM Central Time
State Salary Range: $16.45 - $32.74 hourly
$2,851.00 - $5,675.00 monthly
Agency Hiring Range: Min: Max:
Job Type: Classified
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Qualifications Benefits Supplemental Questions
Either of the following will qualify (see note on selective certification):
1. General Engineer Option:
Eligibility for a Louisiana Engineer Intern Certificate.
2. Petroleum Engineer Option:
Eligibility for a Louisiana Engineer Intern Certificate based on experience or training in petroleum engineering.
NOTE: (For both options)
This is a temporary position to be utilized while the incumbent is securing a Louisiana Engineer Intern certificate. Permanent status shall be denied to incumbents occupying this position.
All positions are of the General Engineer or Petroleum Engineer type and selective certification for the specific option will automatically be granted upon the agency''s request.
Supplemental Information:
This position is located within the Department of Health and Hospitals/Office of Public Health/ Engineering - Region 5/Calcasieu Parish.
Cost Center 326-8712 Position #50478981
This vacancy is being announced as a Classified position and may be filled either as a Probationary Appointment, Job Appointment or Promotional Appointment.
As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment as an Engineer Intern Applicant, Engineer Intern 1, Engineer Intern 2, Engineer 3, or Engineer 4 depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant(s). The maximum salary for the Engineer 4 is$89,253.Please refer to the 'Job Specifications' tab located at the top of the LA Careers 'Current Job Opportunities' page of the Civil Service website for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level.
There is a Special Entrance Rate (SER) for this position. Biweekly rates are as follows:
Engineer Intern 1 - $1837.28
Engineer Intern 2 - $1968.75
Engineer 3 ------- $2103.18
Engineer 4 ------- $2408.01
No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.
To apply for this vacancy, click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.
You are strongly encouraged to apply for this posting using your online application. It is recommended that you apply for all of the job titles that you are interested in.
Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected. However, there is no guaranteed that everybody that applies to this posting will be interviewed.
Your application status can be checked online. If your status reads that you have been place on the eligibles list, that means that your application has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor.
Keep in mind that the hiring supervisor has 90 days from the closing
Applicants can check the status of their application at any time by selecting the 'Application Status' link after logging into their account. Below are the most common status messages and their meanings.
Application Status Message
What it Means
Application received
Your application has been submitted successfully.
Checking for required test score
We are making sure you have an active, passing score for the required written test.
Evaluating experience
Your application is being reviewed by Human Resources to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.
Eligible for consideration
You are among a group of applicants who MAY be selected for the position.
Referred to hiring manager for review
Your application has been delivered to the hiring manager. You may or may not be called for an interview.
Position filled
Someone has been selected for the position.
Position cancelled
The agency has decided not to fill the position.
There is no guarantee that everyone who applies to this posting will be interviewed. The hiring supervisor/manager has 90 days from the closing date of the announcement to make a hiring decision. Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected.
For further information about this vacancy contact:
Or write to :
PO Box 4818
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
This organization participates in E-verify, and for more information on E-verify, please contact DHS at .
Job Concepts:
Function of Work:
To apply scholastic theory and elementary engineering skills to a variety of tasks involving standard procedures and practices in the field, office, or laboratory in order to acquire practical experience for licensure.
Level of Work:
Supervision Received:
Close from a higher level engineer.
Supervision Exercised:
Functional supervision may be exercised over engineering technicians.
Location of Work:
May be used by all state agencies.
Job Distinctions:
Differs from Engineer Intern 2 by the elementary nature of assigned duties (measured by the complexity, duration, diversity and budget of projects or programs).
Differs from Engineer Intern 1 by lack of possession of a Louisiana Engineer Intern Certificate.
Differs from Engineering Technicians and other related jobs by responsibility for approving drawings, plans, construction estimates, and payment invoices as well as the ability to perform a broader range of engineering principles.
Examples of Work:
Performs a wide variety of entry level design, review, and regulatory functions. More detailed examples of work may be found in a Job Distinctions Memorandum which can be obtained from the Department of Civil Service or your Human Resource Office. General examples of work are listed below:
Assists in the supervision of a laboratory unit engaged in sampling, inspecting, and testing of soils, water, wastewater, air, or similar materials.
Supervises the laying out of Kelsh Manuscripts for photogrammetric plotters and reviews work of subordinate sub-professional engineering personnel.
Assists in economic justification studies for proposed engineering facilities and performs computations and analyses of cost-benefit engineering considerations.
Applies basic engineering formulas to routine calculations.
Assists in the supervision or performance of work involving the construction and inspection of construction, remodeling, or repair of structures, including airports, buildings, canals and locks, docks and piers, highways, bridges, transmission lines, power plants, tunnels, water supplies, sewerage systems, and other works.
Assists in the instruction and training of water and sewerage superintendents and operators in the safe and efficient operation of their plants and in the performance of such routine tests as are necessary for proper control of the treatment process.
Assists in the training of operators of swimming pools, etc. and occasionally aids in the classroom and field training of sanitarians.
Collects samples for chemical and/or bacteriological laboratory analysis, using special techniques as required.

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