Engineering technician 5

Company Name:
Louisiana Department of State Civil Service
Agency: DOTD-Engineering & Operations
Opening Date: Tue. 05/20/14
Closing Date/Time: Sun. 05/25/14 11:59 PM Central Time
State Salary Range: $16.45 - $32.74 hourly
$2,851.00 - $5,675.00 monthly
Agency Hiring Range: Min: Max:
Job Type: Promotion
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
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QualificationsBenefitsSupplemental Questions
Three years of sub-professional engineering experience.
College training will substitute for the required experience on the basis of thirty semester hours for one year of experience provided that six semester hours of each thirty are in one of these specialized fields: architecture, cartography, chemistry, construction management, construction technology, drafting, engineering, engineering graphics, engineering technology, geography, geology, industrial technology, landscape architecture, math, or physics.All specialized course work credited must be in the same specialized field. A combination of course work from different fields will not be accepted.
Full-time training in sub-professional engineering from a trade school or technical institute will substitute for the required experience on a month-for-month basis for a maximum of one year of experience.
Completion of a two year course of study in a sub-professional engineering curriculum from a trade school or technical institute will substitute for two years of the required experience.
A baccalaureate degree in engineering, engineering technology, construction management or construction technology will substitute for all of the required experience.
Possession of an engineer intern certificate will substitute for all of the required experience.
Any college hours or degree must be from a school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies:the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Supplemental Information:
Gang: 051
Position: 8062
Open Only to Permanent DOTD Employees
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DOTD EMPLOYEES: Refer to appropriate EDSM directive for required structured training requirements and PPM #59 Workforce Development on training guidelines. Contact the District's training unit at .
For further information about this vacancy contact:
Contact Name
Steve Young
Jared Chaumont
Job Concepts:
Function of Work:To perform very complex, sub professional engineering tasks of a complex nature requiring intensive training & diversified experience in a specialized area; and/or to serve as lead worker over lower-level technicians and/or other personnel engaged in sub professional engineering work.
Level of Work:
Supervision Received:
Broad from an Engineering Technician 6, 7, or professional engineer or higher level manager of the agency served.
Supervision Exercised:
May exercise functional supervision on a project-by-project basis. May directly supervise one or two lower level staff.
Location of Work:
May be used by all state agencies.
Job Distinctions:
Differs from Engineering Technician 4 by the performance of more complex, highly specialized duties and/or the presence of lead worker responsibilities or by the presence of direct line supervision over one or two staff members under certain circumstances as defined in the applicable Allocation Criteria memo.
Differs from Engineering Technician DCL by the lack of responsibility for serving as a technical expert/specialist in a specific field of technical engineering.
Differs from Engineering Technician 6 or 7 by the absence of full time supervisory responsibilities over several staff members.
Examples of Work:
Creates the full spectrum and most complex bridge detail drawings using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and checks drawings of lower-level technicians. Coordinates the production of a complete set of contract drawings from which major complex bridge structures can be constructed.
Uses a wide variety of computer software including Micro Station, I/RAS B, I/RAS C, Microsoft Excel and Word, Lotus Notes, and Mainframe Programs (LETS, TOPS, BIDS, etc.) to prepare, analyze, and document designs, reports, and cost estimates, etc. for the most complex bridge projects being developed.
Acts as lead worker, performing the more complex assignments and training lower-level personnel on how to: assign state project numbers; generate required correspondence on engineering, real estate, construction, and other projects based on requests submitted through authorized channels; enter project numbers in computer system; assign federal aid project numbers based on location, project type, specifications, and availability of federal funding sources; enter and verify bid amounts on items from proposals received from contractors for DOTD construction projects.
Research information on old and current project numbers, plans, and other engineering data using computer, microfilm, and old hardcopy records
Processes construction contracts including the official Award of Contract to the contractor; check contract bonding using the U.S. Treasury Department list of approved sureties; issue the Notice of Contract Execution to the contractor; distribute and record all construction and maintenance proposals and addenda to DOTD personnel and/or the general public.
Acts as lead worker by independently performing the most unique, complex, and/or emergency assignments. Trains lower-level technicians engaged in the preparation and distribution of construction proposals and contracts. Composes and/or completes the most complex construction proposals that involve unique project components.
Update and maintain the Federal Funding Balance File (BOOKS) on the DOTD computer mainframe.
Create and retrieve funding reports from DOTD mainframe and Federal computer systems. Maintain both submitted and approved fund record balances.
Review and correct encumbrance requests for Highway Trust Fund, TIME Program, and General Obligation Bond monies appropriated to DOTD by the annual Capital Outlay Act.
Submit line-of-credit requests and bond questionnaires for consideration by the State Bond Commission.
Acts as lead worker in the collection and extraction of the short session vehicle weigh-in-motion and vehicle classification field data. Trains, certifies, and monitors lower-level personnel engaged in the collection of vehicle classification data, and in the calibration and testing of equipment.
Acts as lead worker in digital map production and feature classification for GIS projects. Evaluates new procedures, prepares workflow and technical documentation of all projects and trains lower level technicians.
Acts as lead worker over a team of employees and/or contracted personnel engaged in bridge inspection, construction inspection, design, levee inspection, survey, or other sub professional engineering functions performed in the Districts.
Serves as an office manager in a Project or District Laboratory Engineer''s office by acting as lead worker over lower-level technicians engaged in the data entry, review and processing of engineering documents, forms, reports, field notes, etc.
Conducts research for troubleshooting materials problems that arise in construction and maintenance projects and recommends solutions for such to the District Laboratory Engineer.
Provides the assessment of needs on highways within the State Highway System. Establishes existing deficiencies within defined sections of highway relative to geometrics (number of lanes, width of lanes, width of shoulders, curves, etc.), condition (riding surface, base, shoulders), and traffic.
Recommends type of improvement which will eliminate deficiency in each section and develops a total cost estimate (engineering, right-of-way acquisition, utilities relocation, and construction) for the recommended improvement.
Assists in checking and training lower-level personnel performing a variety of engineering projects associated with photogrammetric procedures and products.
Operates and assists in the training of lower-level personnel in the operation of interactive graphics computers and photogrammetric instruments.
Coordinates consulting engineering and surveying firm employees in preparation of maps for the purchase of private property.
Performs compliance reviews and approves right-of-way maps for acquisition purposes.
As lead worker, organizes and oversees the daily operations of the surveying field crews.
Processes and edits electronic data collected by the survey field crews.
Estimates material, equipment, and labor required to perform bridge fender repair and/or replacement.
Acts as lead worker, prioritizes activities, and makes operational assignments for teams as required.
Serves as qualified person with regard to painting projects in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations.
As lead worker, resolves pavement and bridge management systems data collection technical problems. Independently adapts methods and procedures to satisfactorily address and correct data collection problems by applying specialized knowledge and skills.
Collects and analyzes data to upgrade the statewide automated testing system, to ensure compliance of materials with the Department''s quality assurance programs, to establish trends in material properties and equipment performance, investigate new products, and to troubleshoot problem areas regarding construction and maintenance materials.
Collects, analyzes, and prepares deep soil boring samples for shipment to the laboratory. Records into the field manual, visual soil classifications along with supporting data in accordance with ASTM standards.
As a lead worker, prioritizes activities and makes assignments for accomplishing the work within assigned unit.
Develops final designs; appraises and specifies all materials, equipment, fixtures, appliances, etc. needed for the project.
Prepares detailed drawings and writes technical specifications to be submitted to the owner/client for final approval.
Acts as a design draftsman and acts as lead worker on large, complex engineering projects.
Prepares special purpose maps and charts; prepares the design and layout of special public works related publications, graphic layouts, layout maps, and other visual aid materials.
Attends pre-design conferences for the purpose of assimilating and evaluating concepts, requirements and data relating to the aesthetic and function of the proposed structure.
Ensures that water well registration forms received from the drillers, as required by Louisiana Water Wells Rules, Regulations and Standards, are examined for accuracy and completeness.
Coordinates the activities of and provides technical expertise and training as necessary to District Water Well technicians.
Gathers evidence of water well registration, construction, plugging, and licensing violations and submits to the Legal Section for Departmental Hearings.
Provides technical information and design concept concerning Louisiana''s Dam Safety Program to private consulting engineers.
Reviews dam safety technical inspection reports submitted by various district engineers for compliance with the dam safety requirements.
Provides functional supervision, technical support, guidance, and training to district utility personnel.
Coordinates the utility relocation on each project in the Districts; resolves any conflicts between utility companies and the districts.
Responsible for the review and final approval of all utility agreements, relocation plans, utility reimbursement invoices, change of orders, and miscellaneous documents submitted by the districts.
Reviews and approves contractors'' right-of-way and surveying work; assists in the selection of consultants; assists in the planning and directing of consultant work activities to achieve the highest quality and quantity of work; evaluates consultant work and approves or rejects requests for payment by consultants.
Checks right-of-way and special purpose maps; compiles, interprets, and utilizes engineering and property survey field notes, construction plans, township plats, right-of-way deeds, etc.; prepares right-of-way and special purpose maps. Attends Joint Right-of-Way Review Meetings and conducts audits of right-of-way maps.
As lead worker, collects and/or coordinates the collection of various specialized data in order to accomplish all research tasks and studies in response to complex engineering problems; analyzes data for inclusion into technical research reports and documentation; provides oversight and trains lower level staff including technicians, graduate and undergraduate students to accomplish research goals/objectives.
Receives broad supervision from an engineer supervisor in development of new test procedures for implementation into research activities and protocols for evaluating new technologies; delivers analysis of data in completed format ready for inclusion into reports and presentations.
Creates the most complex road detail drawings using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and provides technical guidance to subordinate technicians. Coordinates the production of a complete set of road plans from inception to completion with no technical guidance.
Uses a wide variety of computer software including, Micro station, Inroads, I/RAS B, I/RAS C, Microsoft Excel and Word, Lotus Notes, and Mainframe Programs (LETS, TOPS, BIDS) to prepare, analyze, and document designs, reports, cost estimates, etc. for complex road projects being developed. Receives broad supervision from higher-level professional engineers.
Reviews technical accuracy of traffic control plans prepared by others including consultants, district, and the Department''s design sections.
Specifies the type of signing, pavement markings, barricades, and channelizing devices to be used during different phases of the project.
Reviews District documents for statewide uniformity and consistent application of department Policy concerning specific services signing (LOGO) and Tourist Oriented Signs (TODS).
Updates and reviews the statewide Mile Post Listing for accuracy to find the location of all crashes occurring on all state maintained highways.
Communicates and coordinates with statewide police departments and district traffic offices to gather new locations for Mile Post Listings. Reviews and evaluates for accuracy the latest crash data as it is received; researches for necessary corrections; reports to District Traffic Engineers on all abnormal crash locations for district safety reviews.
Prepares computerized Crash Data Reports, Accident Collision Diagrams, Abnormal Crash Location Data, and other crash data related information requested from DOTD engineers, technicians, attorneys, Federal Highway Administration officials, and/or other state agencies.
Reviews data collected and/or information prepared by lower-level technicians.
Prepares Traffic Assignment Reports consisting of design year and projected future year average daily traffic and vehicle classification - showing percentage of trucks and other vehicles. Produces turning movement diagrams for specific intersections.
Prepares special case traffic forecasts for proposed new routes including turning movements at any new intersections/interchanges.

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